Entry for May 01, 2008

My presentation went fine yesterday. It certainly wasn’t brilliant, but it worked.

I have a final in 2.5 hours. I haven’t studied much, but I’m not worried about it. Perhaps that’s a bad thing. I’ve done well on the other two tests, the homework, and the two big projects that we had, so I think I’ll be fine. Besides, thus far the tests have been easy. I guess I’ll find out in a couple of hours if I’m prepared.

I’ve kinda just realized that Ken is leaving in a week and a half. What shall I do without his car?? (Haha. Because I’ll not actually miss HIM, just his car.) Actually his car will still be here and he’s offered to let me drive it if I pay insurance. But… I think I can live without it and gas and insurance are soo expensive. I might ask him to put the insurance back on in July because I’ll need to move, and I expect that’ll be easier if I have a car to drive.

The good news about Ken leaving in a week and a half is that at that point it’ll only be a little bit over a month before I get to go home for a week and see my family, one set of Grandparents I haven’t seen for a year, another set I haven’t seen for… three years maybe, and hopefully some friends! Then after that it’s a bit over a month before I have to move (ack!), then a bit less than a month before classes start again. And when I think about the summer that way, it doesn’t seem so terribly long, boring, and full of Cleveland.


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