Entry for April 29, 2008

Kristina is my hero!! She’s sending me stuff to make my poor kitties better. Hooray!

The cats seem very discontented. Perhaps it’s because I keep yelling “No!!” at them as they try to sneak into my room, the open cabinets which I am cleaning, the bathroom, or the closet and because I’ve been so busy cleaning with the loud vacuum monster that I haven’t given them the loving they so richly deserve. Hmm, a little of my Hank the Cowdog background coming out there. Also, Tesla is very itchy. Cosmo doesn’t seem bothered by fleas. I guess he’s not allergic to their bites. OR maybe he’s SUPER CAT and he doesn’t let any fleas get close enough to bite him before he eats them. I’m going with the first option.

I have just finished my presentation for crystallography tomorrow. I don’t think it will be the best I’ve ever given, but I think it’ll work. Now I just need to see if I am anywhere near the 10 -12 minute goal. I think it ought to be around there.

Last night I made turkey soup. Mmm. It was delicious. I put frozen green beans in it because I thought it needed more vegetables (I only had the tail end of a stalk of celery and one carrot to put in it). The green beans were great! I’ll have to remember that in the future. I still have enough turkey pickings left to make other dish. Maybe a creamy casserole? Ken’ll have to come over to eat that because he’s a big fan of such things. So far I’ve also made a spanish-type rice dish out of the turkey which has provided 5 meals so far, and there are probably 5 more meals in the freezer. I put one container of soup in the freezer from last night – that’s probably 2 meals for me, and there’s one and a half more in the fridge. That’s dinner for me tonight and lunch for Ken and I tomorrow. There’s also still a whole turkey breast left in the freezer. I love turkeys.


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