Entry for April 22, 2008

I started reading the Three Musketeers by Dumas last night. It’s pretty ridiculous. I’ve only gotten like 8 chapters in, so I’m not all that far, but already like 20 people have died over silly things. And aren’t there four musketeers? There’s too many French names going on too. It would be a lot easier to remember who’s doing what if I knew a little french. Ah well, we’ll see how it goes.

I also have The Invisible Man to read, which is fairly one of the 100 great novels or something like that. I read the forward and it looks lame and introspective, so I may not end up reading it. We shall see. I think it’s due in about a week and a half, so I ought to have time to at least get started with it.

It’s a lovely day out and all of the flowering trees are out around campus, so I decided to take a walk at lunch time. I, of course, ended up at the library, because libraries attract me. Anyway, I now have Don Quixote. I can keep things from the Case library almost indefinitely, and it’s a pretty long book, so I should be busy for a while. They have like three shelves full of beautifully illustrated Spanish versions which were really old. I thought about getting one of them, but I didn’t have my backpack, and they were huge books. Also, just getting a Spanish would probably frustrate me and I wouldn’t be able to finish. I could barely even finish Limony Snickett’s a Series of Unfortunate Events in Spanish. That’s even written in semi-modern day Spanish and is about 100 times shorter.

So now I’ve got lots to read. And a huge paper to write by next Monday, several homeworks, two presentations, and three finals. Who knows how much reading I’ll actually get done.


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