Entry for April 15, 2008

I really have nothing to say here, except that things keep chugging along.

Last night I went with a good portion of my research group to the ASM local chapter award night. The award went to the executive director of TMS, oddly enough. JJL knows him from Carnegie Mellon, so I talked to him and his wife and a few other people. I was surprised at the small number of people there. Spokane chapter at it’s largest probably had about 2/3 the number of the people who attended last night. But Spokane is small compared to Cleveland. And Cleveland is like the materials capital of the WORLD. I mean, come on, ASM’s headquarters is right around here. There are tons of industrial plants. I would have thought the chapter would be large. Who knows. Anyway, so the department paid for dinner, which was pretty tasty. It was some sort of fish with some salty crumbs on top. It was that bizarre tasteless white fish. I dunno. Maybe it’s Ohioan fish. Despite this un-appealing description of it, it was still tasty. It came on real mashed potatoes, and how can anything that comes like that be bad?

Playing piano and Pastor Fartro’s visit on Sunday went well. I’m scrambling to start studying for finals, which I just realized are like next week. Well, maybe the week afterwards, but I do like to start reading through my notes beforehand, so that I don’t get stuck reading for hours at a time.

Oh yeah. I bought a ticket to go home in June for BJ’s graduation! I’m excited. It was $70 more expensive then the one at Christmas. That doesn’t make sense to me. Seems to me that Christmas tickets would be the most expensive. Anyway, I’m leaving on a Thursday, getting in to Pasco in the mid-afternoon, and leaving late the next Thursday night and taking the red-eye. I get back into Cleveland at 7AM on Friday. Hopefully I’ll sleep better on this flight than I did on the last red-eye I took. I figure I’ll probably go directly from the airport to work at that point. The train drops me off much closer to work than home anyway.


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