Entry for March 30, 2008

This is a post in which Lisa shares some of the difficult lessons that she has learned in the hopes that her readers (all seven of them) will learn from them.

Don’t ever replace the bottom bracket on your bike. It will be very difficult. Unless you know a very strong male who weighs over 200 pounds and you yourself are a decently strong person, you will never be able to do it. You will also not be able to do it merely by buying the proper tools at the grand total of 31 dollars from Utah Mountain bike company. (By the way, if you DO end up needing bike tools or anything, I’d definitely recommend them. They shipped my stuff in ONE day. One day. From Utah. Amazing.) You will have to break into a school owned shop and steal giant wrenches after finding that the wrench that you have is not big enough and that wrenches at Home Depot cost more than buying a new bike would. You will then have to have said large strong male use two wrenches and a hammer to loosen the old bracket while you push with all your might on the tool. Just buy a new bike. Trust me.

Also, if playing piano for the first time at your new church, be very careful to ensure that the book is safely propped up on the highly inadequate music stand on the piano, or else it will fall off on to the keys while you are playing the intro to the Doxology.

Finally, don’t say you can help someone with their taxes, thinking that it couldn’t be any more difficult than yours, only to find that they’ve done things like sold mutual funds in the past year, which makes it a complete nightmare.

Needless to say, I haven’t gotten any homework done today.


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