Entry for March 25, 2008

The symphony last Friday was amazing. I loved the whole program! Well, the Tchaikovsky violin concerto was really long, but the violinist (Midori, I think her name was) was amazing and the conductor was really fun to watch. Also, Midori’s violin was made in like 1736. Thats so OLD! We had seats up in the balcony way up near the top. We usually get seats down right in the front. The view (and I think the sound too) are much better in the balcony, even though you’re really far away. Pictures at an Exhibition was great fun too. The alto sax player who plays in one of the pictures was amazing. Why can’t all saxophone players sound like that instead of a duck getting an enema like they always do?

Dinner on Sunday went really well. The only thing I destroyed was the bread, and that’s only because I made it really late Saturday night then left it out to cool for a while and forgot to bag it up before I went to bed. So I have two loaves of very dry bread. It turned out alright because Stephen brought some brown and serve rolls and we just ate them. He also brought hot cross buns and bread pudding, so with my pumpkin cake we had 3 desserts! The turkey was really tasty, and Ken helped me deal with picking the meat off the carcass already, so now I can just enjoy the meat. I’m sad that I probably have to wait until next Thanksgiving to get another one. It certainly freed up a lot of room in my freezer though!


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