Entry for March 11, 2008

My quilt is coming along. The goal to finish the quilting this week seems possible. I have thus far finished quilting six large blocks, which is really something like ten large and small squares. I have 16 blocks left to go of varying degrees of done-ness. I have the entire center and right side of the quilt done, as well as all of the top except one square in the left corner. Unfortunately, many of the blocks that are left need quite a bit of quilting inside them. I had quilted around all the designs on the shirts already, so most of the quilting lately has been just stitching along the seams with a little bit in the blocks if the unquilted area is too large. About a third of the blocks that are left are completely unquilted though, so they still need some patterns put in them. So far I’ve just been doing simple and crooked shapes in areas that need quilting (mostly triangles). Perhaps I should try something more exotic. I suppose I could sign the quilt in quilting. Hmmm… I was planning on embroidering a square on to the back, but maybe it would be fun to quilt my name and the date into the blocks without a pattern.

In all this quilting I have listened to the whole of the Heart of Darkness, which did not impress me. Whoever wrote it was overly fond of the phrase “heart of darkness” and being vague. That was only about 3.5 hours long. Now I’m listening to The Idiot by Dostoyevsky. So far I think I’ve listened to around 7 hours and it seems so much shorter than Heart of Darkness! I don’t know why I like Dostoyevsky. There’s not much action, just a bunch of people talking about each other. Normally that would annoy me, but for some reason I find it funny and very interesting and I enjoy reading/listening to it. I think the whole thing is a bit longer than 22 hours, so I’ve got a while left to listen. I’ve read Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov and The Gambler before and enjoyed them all. I read The Gambler a few months ago and didn’t like that one as much as the other two.

Also, I got the computer and load frame at school working, so I’ve been able to progress there. Today I hope to test the whole setup with the furnace. Unfortunately, I left the power cord for my laptop at home, so I can’t listen to The Idiot while I work. I’ve already used up all the power listening to it while making up samples this morning. It would be great if I could put it on my iPod, but the files are protected wma format, so stupid iTunes won’t play them.


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