Entry for March 05, 2008

I think that the phrase “worst weather I have seen in my entire life” has been used on this blog at some point in the past six months. Well, I have a new worst weather I have seen in my entire life. Last night was terrible! It was pouring rain, which was then freezing to the ground. After a good quarter inch of ice was built up over everything, then it started spitting sharp ice pellets out of the sky. I think at least an inch, maybe an inch and a half of sharp ice pellets had accumulated by time I ventured out to go home. I didn’t make it up the hill behind Little Italy and I almost got run over by a snow plow too. Don’t bike in an inch and a half of frozen rain. Just stay at home, or in your office, or find a cardboard box.

This morning the commute was awful too. Traffic was backed up for miles because there were a few inches of snow on top of the ice and apparently the all powerful salt wasn’t good enough to melt every speck off of the road. Anyway, my normally 10 minute ride took me 35 minutes, and I ended up pushing my bike along the un-shoveled sidewalks for most of the way because traffic wasn’t moving on the roads. I wouldn’t recommend that either, but my other options was to walk or take the bus. With the state of traffic, a bus certainly would have taken longer, and walking wouldn’t really have gained me anything either. So what can you do?

I just took my Crystallography test and I think it went alright. There were parts that were confusing, but hopefully I had the right idea.

Tonight is a Jazz Band concert, and we’re rehearsing with the guest artist at 5, so I have to leave work early. What a shame.

I think I’m going to get tickets to go to the Orchestra on Friday night. They’re doing some Mahler. Song of the Earth, or something like that. We’ll see how it is.

Ken is leaving Saturday to go to Texas for spring break. I hope to finish quilting my quilt while he’s gone. How’s that for an exciting spring break? Gotta love being a grad student and not getting the week off. I guess most of my classes aren’t meeting anyway, because there’s a few undergraduates in them. And there’ll be no TA work. I guess it’s an opportunity to get some research stuff done.


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