Entry for January 28, 2008

I have a story for small children.

One Thursday night Lisa was sitting on her couch quilting with her cats being very helpful as usual. Then she noticed something. There was a small bug jumping about on her quilt.

“Oh dear,” thought Lisa “I hope that’s not a flea!” She grabbed at the bug and missed. She tried again and once again got only air in her hand. On the third try she finally had it between her fingers. She cruelly tried to squish it, but it was a tough bugger. She remembered how her friend Rachel used to trap fleas in scotch tape, so she got some tape, entrapped the bug, and looked at it. Sure enough, it was a flea.

“Oh no!” She wailed. Trying to get rid of fleas did not fit into her plans for the weekend.
The next day she left work at 5 and borrowed a car (which wasn’t working well!) to go to Walmart and buy some stuff to put on her cats and her carpet. After eating a delicious dinner that her friend Ken made for her, she went home and started cleaning. She cleaned and cleaned and cleaned, and several hours later, her apartment and all her laundry was clean. (Except for the dishes, but she was too tired for that.) She will keep vacuuming and cleaning every other day or so and hopes that that will be the end of the flea story.

Anyway, on Saturday morning I was supposed to go to the first tutoring session, but when I woke up I realized that my bike needed work before I could go anywhere, so I went back to bed. I spent most of Saturday grading homework, reading, and making really spicy chili and corn bread. On Saturday evening it became apparent that I wasn’t going to drive Ken’s car to church the next morning, because it was having major idling problems. Like, it wasn’t idling, it was dying. However, I put off calling to ask for a ride until after dinner, and by time I thought about it again it was too late. So I didn’t go to church either! It was a bit of a failure of a weekend for me. I guess these things happen sometimes.

Ken has ordered a new part for his car. He hasn’t checked the car out and seen if this is the problem yet because it’s always dark and 12 degrees out when he decides to do it. This strikes me as unwise, but I wasn’t there when he ordered it and that’s the way he seems to operate. Whatever. Hopefully the part will fix it.

I have much to do this week, so I should probably get moving and do it.


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