Entry for January 19, 2008

Today we went up to the Auto Show in Detroit. It was my first auto show, and I thought it was pretty cool. It’s fun to wander around and look at all the brand new cars, and you can sit in them and push buttons and stuff. My favorite car to look at was… hmm… I think the Lamborghini Gallardo. It was pretty and kinda a matte gray color. I sat in a couple of reasonable, sensible cars because I figure if I ever graduate I’ll wanna buy a 4-5 year old car to drive. So these cars will be 4-5 years old then. I tried out some Subarus and Nissans and Audis. Or maybe I didn’t sit in any Audis. Can’t remember. Porsche and Lotus weren’t there, which was a bit of a shame. However, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, and Rolls Royce were. And another company which I had never heard of and can’t remember but which had really cool really expensive luxury/sport cars. Fisker. That was it’s name. Mazda had two crazy concept cars that were really interesting. So did Lexus.
Anyway, it was a fun trip. We were thinking about staying up in Detroit and doing the Henry Ford museum tomorrow, but we were tired and nobody else wanted to stay and split the hotel cost, so we just came home and ate Chipotle.


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