Entry for December 22, 2007

My final final went horribly, although I had studied quite thoroughly. Bah.
Wednesday I got up at 4:20 AM and started the long journey home on the train. Getting checked in at the airport took forever because they only had one person at the counter and there were a million people trying to check in. Putting in those little automatic kiosks is only helpful if there are enough people to tear off your baggage thingies and stick them on your luggage. Grr. The flight to Minneapolis was uneventful. The flight from Minneapolis was delayed for 2.5 hours, so we were in Minneapolis forever. Because there were some stupid small dogs getting loaded into the cargo part of the plane, it was that extra half an hour late, and we missed our flight in Seattle. The flight we got put on in Seattle was delayed by two hours because the plane was broken. Ken and I got on standby for the other flight to Seattle that left at the same time. It turned out it was a good thing we did, because our flight didn’t leave for another hour. Bah again.
My family picked me up from the airport and drove directly to Kellogg, ID, where we stayed in a house that we rented.
Thursday we met one of Lauren’s friends family at Silver Mountain and skied. I got new skis for Christmas and my birthday! They are fantastic. They’re about 180s I think and they’re shaped and they are great. The snow was also fantastic. They had had about a foot of nice light snow the night before, so there was a lot of nice powder to ski in. The hot tub at the house was much appreciated that night. My back was pretty sore.
On Friday we drove over to Lookout Pass and skiied there. The snow there was even better than it had been at Silver, and the ski area was small, but pretty nice. They had a new lift that was opening for the first time the next day, so it was a bit of a shame we missed it. Next time we’ll hit it. As we left, our van started making ominous noises. Dad decided it wasn’t something that he could fix easily, so he resolved to take it to a repair shop the next day. That night we were all so tired from skiing very hard that we all went to bed by about 9. I slept until 8 the next morning with no problem.
Today Dad took our van to Dave Smith, the world’s largest GM dealer. If anyone could fix the van, you’d think they’d be able to. It turned out that the starter motor needed to be replaced, and they didn’t have one, and neither did anyone in Cour d’Alene. Since next week’s Christmas and tomorrow’s Sunday, they’re not going to be able to get it done until next Wednesday or probably Thursday. Lauren and Bethany both needed to be home tonight to house sit for various people so we had a big problem. Thankfully, the people at the car dealership were very nice and gave us a loaner Ford Winstar to drive home. It is supposedly a van, but it’s very tiny. Very very tiny. It has seven seats, but that’s about all you can say about it. We couldn’t fit all of our ski stuff in, so we left our downhill stuff in the van. : ( My brand new skis are stuck in Kellogg this whole week.
The drive home was another experience. We stopped at the top of the pass between Kellogg and CdA to play in the snow for about an hour, and when we left it had started snowing pretty hard. It snowed all the way through almost to Ritzville and there were accidents and traffic was at a crawl. It took us over two hours to make it that far. After Ritzville the roads cleared up and we could go the speed limit. It was a long trip in a small car.
Tonight I went with Bethany and Sara to a party at Eberleins, although I just worked on a puzzle and they partied with their friends. It was alright and their new dog is really cute and energetic.
It is good to not be in Cleveland.


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