Entry for December 11, 2007

There have been several disasters since I last posted anything. Most of them weren’t really disasters and involved Ken trying to cook a perfect pizza and breaking a bamboo cutting board in rage. Some of them were really disasters, like my rent check returning in the mail because I wrote the wrong ZIP code and suddenly finding out that I’m supposed to apply for a fellowship that’s due in four days. Anyway, my landlord took my rent with the envelope that proves it was mailed before the due date, and I think that I am possibly going to be able to get everything for the fellowship turned in.

Sunday was pretty muchly a perfect day. We went to church, then Trader Joe’s where Ken bought us pot-stickers and some chocolate lava cakes for lunch. I have officially decided that I am now living off of chocolate lava cakes. They are AMAZING. They’re little cakes that have fudge in the inside, and you heat them up and eat them. It’s like eating hot fudge with a spoon. In the afternoon we watched Shrek 3, played Uno and Skip-Bo, and read books. We went to Chipotle for dinner, and watched a movie (Shooter, I think) afterwards. It was nice to relax for a bit before finals week started.

I’m trying to figure out health insurance since I turn 23 and therefore am booted off of my Dad’s insurance as of Jan 1. I can get insurance from the school, and that is my plan, except that they want to charge me for a month and a half to get insurance from Jan 1 to Jan 13, when the new semester insurance kicks in. I don’t think that it’s worth it. However, that is the time when I will be going skiing and probably am most likely to injure myself. Do I pay the 164 dollars for peace of mind? Do I find some other short term insurance to cover me? Do I just gamble that since I haven’t needed insurance for an accidental injury or sickness before in my life that I probably won’t need it in those 13 days? These are the tough questions.


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