Entry for November 16, 2007

I looked up the James passage that I quoted last time and found that I had the ending wrong. It’s “testing of faith brings perseverance” So that’s backwards. Oops.

My parents had Wiser put down. He was having a lot of trouble walking and with it getting colder, it wasn’t going to get any better. When we got him, back in 95-96ish I think, he was kinda my dog. I was the one who really wanted a dog, I fed him in the mornings, I brushed him, I attempted to teach him stuff. He was funny. He liked to chew on people’s hands and eat pincushions when he was young. I remember that Bekah would put her whole arm up to her elbow in his mouth, and he’d just gently chew away. She was little and it was really rather strange. I also spent a lot of time chasing him around the neighborhood because he didn’t like to stay and play just in our yard.

When we moved to West Richland I was tired of chasing him around so I tied him up, but he was so sad to be left tied to a tree or in the garage when we were running around playing. I took a long chain and fastened the other end to the tricycle so he could still follow us and play with us, but he couldn’t run away. It worked great and he rarely left our property without one of us after that.

He got sprayed by skunks a lot and the first time we tried washing him in tomato juice and he was pink for a long time. He was very easily embarrassed and didn’t like to be laughed at, so I think the pink month of his life was probably difficult for him.

He liked to be hanging out with us doing whatever we were doing. When we went up to the bridge to float down, he would follow along and swim and make his way down. When we were gardening, he came and layed in the shade and supervised. When we went running or biking on the road he would follow. His favorite spot in the house was in the computer room, which, if you’ve ever been in our house, you know is a tiny room about 4 ft wide and 8 ft long. It’s always had two computers and two chairs in it, so there’s really no room on the floor for a big dog. I guess it was warm and cozy in there, and there were always people too.

He always pretended to ignore the cats that we’ve had, but one cat in particular, I think it was Smoky, would hang out with him all the time. We’d come out of the house and they’d be laying together in the sun and as soon as they saw us, they’d get up and completely ignore each other like they hadn’t ever been together at all. Silly animals.

There’s lots more stuff that he did, but I think the conclusion is that he was a good dog. I’m probably not going to get a dog until I graduate. My landlord now won’t even allow dogs. I guess it’s kind of best to have a yard anyway.


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