Entry for November 14, 2007

The piano was gone. Que triste.

I got very wet this morning on my way to school. I’m still wet. It started raining just as I left home and stopped just as I got to school. Charming. “Consider it pure joy, brothers, when you are faced with trials of many kinds, for you know that perseverance brings faith.” – Paraphrase of James 1:5ish. Does that include getting wetted? I like to complain, but my life actually has very few trials and I have a little faith. I guess that this is one of those things that can’t be stated both ways. It is not true that if you don’t have to persevere you won’t have faith. I know that there’s a fancy Latin logic term for it, but I wasn’t classically educated and am clearly vastly inferior to anyone who knows the term for it.

I’m reading Un Mal Principe. Limony Snickett. Slowly. Very slowly. But I am reading it, and I think I’m actually about half way through. I can never remember the word for bite. Sunny is always biting things and I keep thinking she’s killing things. I think maybe it’s morder. It’s very similar to morir. I’m also reading a book by Hemingway… For Whom the Bell Tolls, perhaps. I can’t remember the title. It’s about an American in Spain during the Revolution and it has a lot of Spanish in it. Anyway, the conclusion to those thoughts is twofold:

1. I like Hemingway, although the philosophizing gets a bit heavy in parts, the intro says that it’s his most philosophical book or something like that. This indicates that other books by him will be better.

2. I haven’t lost all my mad Spanish skilz. Next I see if I can find some movies or books on tapes in Spanish. That’ll be the ultimate test.


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