Entry for November 13, 2007

I found an ad for a piano for FREE on craigslist. Dare I call the number? It was posted a few days ago, so it could be gone. But a piano for FREE! I could totally rent a small UHaul and go get it because I can move pianos all by myself with one finger. I would love to have a piano. I haven’t touched one since I was home, and that saddens me. What if I don’t remember how? I have the perfect spot for one in my apartment though. There’s a gap between the end of my couch and the wall where a piano would fit beautifully. I shall continue to dream, and perhaps call about it a bit later when I have my phone.

I have just realized that my thermo paper is due in 2.5 weeks and I haven’t done a thing on it. I hate writing. I should just get started on it and quit putting it off. I have a Thermo test next week, so I’ll be busy studying then, and I have Thanksgiving the week after. Mmm. Better start writing.

Last night I finally vacuumed my floor. I had been meaning to do it for over a week and just never did. It’s not like it’s difficult. There’s two rooms and they’re not that big. So I got out the vacuum and went at it. It wasn’t picking things up, and I was like, it can’t need a bag already, I just replaced it when I got it… several months ago. But still, I’ve only vacuumed about once a month and maybe a few spots when I spill something, so it shouldn’t have been full. So I opened it up just to check, and the entire bag was packed full with carpet fuzz. It was amazing! The whole tube leading up to the bag was full too. So that’s why it wasn’t working. But like I said, I think I’ve only vacuumed all the carpet about three times. That is a LOT of carpet fuzz. If I keep vacuuming, I’m not going to have carpet any more.

Sunday is a thanksgiving-themed potluck at church. Excuse me. Carry-in fellowship. I’m thinking that means a potluck, but somebody said something about eating next Sunday, so I think it does. What shall I bring? I don’t think that the church has a kitchen – at least I haven’t seen one, so I can’t really bring anything warm unless I purchase a crock pot. I am considering salad and rolls. Sounds kinda boring though. I do have plenty of pumpkin, but I have a feeling that desserts won’t be lacking.

Oh, I had lunch at the pastor’s house on Sunday with a bunch of other people. It was pretty nice and the food was delicious. More could be said, but I’m still contemplating it. Some of my ideas differ from those that were expressed at lunch, but none of them are of great importance. There’s a word for it. Saving importance? I don’t remember. So do I keep my mouth shut and remain friends, or argue and hope that they take it the right way? For the past several years I’ve been going with not entering into discussions when I disagree because as evil as I pretend to be, I hate confrontation and it seems silly to get all excited about things that aren’t central to faith. There is much to think about.


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