Entry for November 10, 2007

Last night I finally did some more useful things on the car. We tore the car from last year apart, and I am fairly useful at removing bolts and things.

I’m happy that I stole Ken’s laptop from him, because now I am able to steal wireless internet from someone and order Christmas presents and work on my Thermo paper from home in my pajamas. It is almost 2, and I am still in my pajamas. How naughty of me. I have, however, competed the majority of my Christmas/birthday/graduation shopping and this makes me happy. My parents called me this morning too, and they might get me some new skis at the ski swap if they find some! It looks like we’re planning on taking a ski vacation during Christmas break up in Northern Idaho. It’s VERY exciting.

Sounds like we’re also doing the Cable Bridge Run, so I better get started training. I think I ought to be able to pull off a 5k right now, but it would be nice to run it in a more respectable time. I have five or six weeks in which to train, I think. My goal is to run 4 times a week. The problem is finding time to run. I’m too lazy to wake up in the morning and venture out into the cold. I eat lunch with Ken usually, and then by time I’m done with class it’s dark. I guess I could run in the dark. Maybe that’s what street lamps are for.

So now that I’ve lazed around all morning and most of the afternoon, I better get started on cleaning up this apartment, actually working on that thermo paper, and gathering my courage to go for a run. I don’t think tamales are going to happen today because I just don’t think they’d be right without corn husks.


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