Entry for November 09, 2007

I bought a belt today. Since I was very young, I have hated belts. Unfortunately, my pair of pants from Costco didn’t shrink enough in the wash, so the belt is very necessary. I don’t enjoy exposing my butt to the public.

It never snowed significantly. Sigh. There were definitely flakes in the air on several occasions though.

My tests did not go well, despite much studying. Grr.

The grocery store didn’t have corn husks, so now I’m at a loss as to how to make tamales tomorrow. They carry Masa, but not husks? What kind of crazy deal is that? I’m contemplating wrapping them in sycamore leaves. Hmm… Or there’s this handsome plant in our office that has nice wide leaves… I suppose wax paper would probably work as well.

I have so far wounded myself twice welding and done only one useful thing on that FSAE car. (It was cutting out a gasket. We’re talking tracing and cutting here. A kindergartener could have done it.) No wonder they don’t have/retain many members. They need organization. I realize you need certain skills to be able to do useful things on the car, but there has to be some interesting and organized way to get those skills in the meantime. I can think of several things that could help them out, but I don’t want to anger them. This becomes more of a problem when one is dating a senior member. I suppose I should cook something tasty, then bring it up. Or bring it up and cook something tasty. That generally smooths things over.


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