Entry for October 29, 2007

Good news! The neighbors have been minimally bothersome since the last post. Perhaps they read my blog. Perhaps they could feel waves of evil feelings coming up through the floor at them. Perhaps they left for the weekend. Whatever happened, I am thankful.

I semi-formally joined the Formula SAE team here. This means that I spent several hours this weekend attempting to weld with varying degrees of success. I also learned a little bit about how to run the mill. Perhaps I should drop out of school and become a machinist or a welder. So hopefully I’ll get better at both of those things and I can do manual labor for the team. I’m not a mechanical engineer, so I’m not sure how much use I’ll be in designing and doing Solid Works stuff, but I expect that I can catch on. I did learn ProE at one point, after all. So that’s pretty exciting.

Also, I found another church that I like. It’s is TINY. I think they had 20 chairs put out, and they weren’t all filled. We’re talking minuscule. However, everybody was really nice and there’s a couple who live in Cleveland Heights, so I could get rides with them. They used to live in Washington too. Seattle, but I’ll forgive them for that. They just acquired a new pastor, and he knows Pete Vosteen. Anyone who knows Pete Vosteen has to be a good guy. The weird thing is that there are no kids there. There were a couple of older teenageish boys that seemed to be in one family, and then the pastor’s two little kids – like 2 and under. Anyway, it’s about five minutes closer than the other church too. So I think I’ll stick with going there, but we’ll see.

Finally, on my insistence, we went to the science center on Sunday, and it was delightful. I love science centers. There’s so much cool stuff. It’s not as cool or big as OMSI or the Pacific Science Center, but it’s not bad. They have some pretty boring exhibits too – mostly about the great lakes and how they’re polluted, but their materials exhibit was cool.

Oh yeah, and I went to Costco and bought two pairs of new pants for relatively cheap. This is good, because every day I’ve been afraid that I’m going to rip a hole in the butt of my old jeans. All three pairs of old jeans are biting the dust at the same time. However, I haven’t washed these new jeans yet, and they’re kinda big. I have to pull them up every time I sit down and it’s kinda funny.


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