Entry for October 26, 2007

A decently normal weekday for me:

Ideally arise sometime around 7:30. In reality, this varies from 7:00 to around 8:30 depending on when I have to be at school and if I can drag myself out of bed.

Eat a banana, brush my teeth, shower if necessary, don essential clothing for braving the elements on a bicycle.

Brave said elements on bicycle for about 10 minutes.

Drag bike up the stairs to the 4th floor where my office is if it looks like rain (see previous post for my actual ability to tell if it’s going to rain). I enter the building on the 3rd floor, so it’s really much better than it sounds. The elevator takes forever so the stairs are just easier.

Depending on the day, go to class at 9:30, 10 or not at all, do other essential things like homework, write fellowship essays, read papers, learn how to use equipment, try to take decent pictures of samples.

At 11:25ish Ken shows up at my office for lunch. Either we eat something I’ve brought or we bike back to his place and make something and watch a TV show while we eat.

I resume working when we’re done eating, doing the same things as before lunch.

At 4 or 4:30 I go to class or seminar where I stay until 5:45ish.

After class I get back on my bicycle and either head to Ken’s house to eat dinner with him, or back up the hills to mine to make myself dinner and amuse myself for the evening.

Sometimes I go running when I get home if I haven’t eaten and it isn’t bad weather. On Thursdays I go to the library. Sometimes I bike to the grocery store. Sometimes I clean my apartment. Usually I watch a movie or listen to a book on tape and quilt for a while.

When I feel like it I take a shower and go to bed. I’m not going to say when this is because it’s embarrassingly early for someone who doesn’t have to get up till 7 or 8… Alright, it’s anywhere between 10 and 12.

11:00ish My upstairs neighbors arrive home and wear their iron clad boots to stomp around on their hardwood floors.

12:00ish. My upstairs neighbors decide that it is the right time to vacuum, which involves a vacuum and scraping something very loudly across said hardwood floors for ages and ages.

12:45ish. My upstairs neighbors decide it’s finally time to settle down for the night and turn on the shower, which shrieks.

It’s not nearly as exciting as Kristina’s life.

So the neighbors thing doesn’t happen every night. They just moved in last week. Last night was the first one when they decided that it was cool to vacuum. If this continues, I may have to start getting up a little bit earlier so I can fit some trombone playing into my busy schedule. I think around 5:30 would be a great time to practice.


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