Entry for October 19, 2007

I have a tragic tale. Yesterday I lost my watch. I was riding up the big hill between school and home, and I heard something hit my back spokes. I didn’t stop pedaling, because momentum is the only thing that gets me up that hill. I glanced over my shoulder, and didn’t see anything. First I thought something fell off of my bike, but the bike appeared to still work so I decided I must have kicked up a rock or something with my front tire. Only when I was sitting down to eat dinner and looked to see what time it was did I realize that my watch was missing. I hadn’t been home long and didn’t remember taking it off and couldn’t find it at home. After dinner I returned some books to the library and walked the mile and a half back to the hill to see if I could find it. There are starting to be piles of leaves everywhere and if my watch was there, it was well hidden in the leaves. So that watch didn’t last too long. I think I got it last summer. Good thing I buy watches at Walmart for less than 10 dollars. I keep looking to see what time it is and am sadly reminded of my missing watch. I’ll have to get a new one tomorrow.


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