Entry for October 05, 2007

Because I didn’t think to look up Raoult’s law, I think I missed a 25 point question on my Transformation test. We mentioned Raoult’s law once in passing in class. Arg. There goes my hopes for an A in that class. Perhaps he believes in partial credit. It seems unlikely though. The Thermo test went much better. I think I have a chance for a good grade in that.

I found two cats on Craigslist that I might get this weekend. They’re both three years old, which is a bit older than I really wanted, but they have all their vet work done and one of them at least is completely adorable. The other one wasn’t very photogenic, so I’m not sure if he’s adorable. It seems likely though. Anyway, I told the lady I’d let her know if I want them this afternoon. She’s asking 1oo dollars for both of them to cover vet fees. Given that I think I’ve found the average lowest cost of a spay is around 75 bucks, and that doesn’t cover any of the shots, deworming, or feline leukemia tests that they’ve had, I think that’s a pretty good deal. Of course, I wouldn’t probably get any of those things besides a spay, but I’d still be saving money. I still have to figure out what to do with them over Christmas break when I intend to go home for a week. I think I can find someone here who wouldn’t mind watching them for me. What decisions I must make!

Also, I made another trip to JoAnne Fabrics last night and bought some great soft fuzzy fabric to cover my couch. I made a couch cover last night and it actually looks pretty good! Now I’m going to get cats and they’re going to tear it up, I’m sure. There was a nice long strip left over, and it’s so soft and warm I think I’ll hem it and make a scarf out of it. I also got a few yards of uber cheap red stuff to make curtains for my living room/dining room. It’s going to look nice, I think.

Milk was 2 for 5$ at one of the grocery stores last night. That was pretty much the find of the week. I bought two gallons, so now I get to drink lots of milk to use it up before it goes bad. haha. I’ll just have Ken over. He manages to decimate three quarters of a gallon of milk in one afternoon and evening visit. Milk is the most expensive thing I buy here. It’s disgusting. I don’t recall milk costing more than like 3 bucks at home, but it’s routinely 3.80ish here.
Also, bananas seem rather expensive. They’re like 35 – 50 cents a pound. Actually, ALL food seems really expensive, but I think that’s because it’s not Winco. Milk and bananas are things that I buy every week though, so it’s more annoying than everything else.

I rode my bike home at night twice this week. I love riding at night. It’s nice and cool and quiet and some places it’s almost dark. It’s never dark here. It is annoying. Stupid street lights. Also stupid trees, but that’s another subject. In the darkish spots my little headlight on my bike is just enough to see obstacles like 2 seconds before I’m about to hit them, so it’s pretty exciting.

I’m “working” on fellowship applications right now. I hate doing this. Luckily I have all my applications from last year still, so I just intend to brush them up some. Also, I had great foresight and got about 12 WSU transcripts before I left, so I have them ready to send out. Now I just need to figure out who to ask for recommendations.


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