Entry for September 27, 2007

Ken’s dad came to visit last weekend. Because he was paying, we ate well. We went to a fancy Spanish restraunt downtown that was really good for Ken’s birthday on Monday. His dad also took us to the zoo, which was lots of fun. We saw a cheetah jump up into a branch of a tree that was like 6 or 7 feet off the ground.

I got my bike chain and have now ridden to school and back three times. My legs are sore. Poor me.

I tutored on Saturday. It was interesting.

Clearly I’m not feeling particularly like writing.

Tomorrow I am making (or Ken is helping me make) green curry and rice for Materials lunch. Materials lunch is one of my favorite things here. A pair of grad students signs up for each Friday in the semester, then they cook enough food for everyone. Everyone pays three dollars for dinner, and the cookers are reimbursed. It’s brilliant. Friday evening at 5:00 they have happy hour, where there’s free beer, pop, and snacks sponsored by one of the professors. I would be more excited about that if I liked beer.

Time to go steal Ken’s car and go grocery shopping. Yay.


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