Entry for September 12, 2007

That entry yesterday had a lot of acronyms in it. My apologies. If anyone really cares, they can email me and I can give them what they stand for. However, I doubt that a lot of people would get any more meaning out of the actual words. If anyone REALLY cares, I can give very simple explanations of what the actual words mean, but then I would have given away the secret of my trade and everyone would be a material science engineer. We wouldn’t want that.

I just thought I’d start a list of things that are cool about being here at Case that I have noticed. Forthcoming will, of course, be a list of things that are not cool because I am a natural complainer.

People do not start packing up their books at the end of class until the professor says he’s done. This is cool because it’s much easier to pay attention and it’s much more respectful. This is also cool because sometimes you get a bonus 15 minutes of class, which can also be uncool if you’re trying to get somewhere.

My advisor’s wedding ring appears to be held together with duct tape. This is awesome for reasons that I don’t think that I am able to explain.

That’s not all, of course, but those are things I was considering today.


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