Entry for August 29, 2007

Because I am busy and lazy, I am going to copy and paste from emails that I’ve sent to various people.

About the drive to Cleveland:

 The trip over was very very
very long. If you're ever going to drive that far, I
recommend that you do it in more than 4 days. We
ended up traveling for like 9-10 hours every day, and
it was hot for a lot of it. The last two days were
pretty good because it was raining, so it wasn't very
hot. But it was pouring all the last night, and there
was a gigantic thunderstorm that lasted from around 10
PM to around 3AM, so that didn't make for easy
sleeping in the tent.

Also, I got my first speeding ticket for doing 87 in a 75 zone in Montana. Oops. I think I was doing more of 84, but I think he eyeballed me, didn’t actually get me with his radar. And also, right after that we found that a tire had a big leak in it, so we spent an afternoon in Montana waiting to get new tires which they thankfully had.

About my apartment:

I found a 1 bedroom apartment that's about 2 miles
from school. It's got air conditioning, and it's
pretty big. The kitchen's kinda tiny, but it's a good
size for one person. It has new carpet and paint and
light fixtures. The only problems are that it's on a
kinda loud busy street and that it's quite a long walk
from school.

So far it’s working out well. I have absolutely NO furniture at all, although that will change with the arrival of my mattress sometime in the next three hours. Now all I need is a table and chairs and a desk and something in which to put clothes and possibly a bookshelf. This would all be very easy to acquire at garage sales, thrift stores, and through craigslist however…

About Ken’s car (Written two weeks ago Saturday)

The bike search was unsucessful, mainly I think
because Ken's car's clutch decided that working was
much too difficult for it yesterday. So I got up
early with my planned route of like 10 garage sales to
go to, then a huge list of thrift stores, and the car
wouldn't go into gear. Sigh. So much for getting a
bike yesterday. I spent most of yesterday trying to
figure out what to do with the car. Grr.

The clutch still is not working and there is no forecast for when that might happen. We went to an auto parts store yesterday for the exhorbitant bus fare of $3.50 and they said they didn’t have it. Because it was after 7, the other store that we saw on the way was closed. Ah well, better luck next time.

Rant: Since when does a bus fare for a day cost more than it would to drive?? Come on. All I want to do is go to the grocery store and back. That costs me 3.50. That is completely ridiculous. It’s like a five mile round trip. Don’t ask me why I didn’t walk, I already walked four miles to and from school and my feet hurt and it’s hard to carry groceries that far. Granted, you can get a bus pass for the whole day for 3.50 that’ll get you pretty much everywhere in Cleveland if you have about six hours to get there, but I maintain that it’s far too much. Undergraduate students get a year bus pass from the school. I think they have to pay some fee for it, but it can’t possibly be that much. I need to find a similar looking undergraduate to beat up and take their bus pass. Or I could find someone who doesn’t use theirs and I’d give them some money for it. I’m sure that’s highly illegal, but charging 3.50 a day for the bus should also be highly illegal.

Classes are going alright. I think I may survive this graduate student thing. Next time: Churches, river tours, and volunteer activities.


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