Entry for June 25, 2007

My radio still does not work. I got everything soldered together, hooked it up, and now it has no electrical power. Sigh. I can’t figure it out and Dad just left for Australia. Also, Tri-City Battery doesn’t want to fix my alternator. They want to do diagnostics, figure out what it is, then if it’s something that they replaced and messed up in February, they’ll fix it for free, otherwise I will have had to pay for the diagnostics. Seems like a bad deal. Ken and I are going to do a little bit of work tonight to see if we can narrow down the problem area.

Lauren and I are home taking care of the house while everybody else goes to Australia. They left yesterday at 3:30, so they ought to be there pretty soon. Or maybe they’re already there? I think they were leaving LA around 9, had a 14 hour flight, then another several hour flight. What fun.

I fussed with my radio for a couple of hours this weekend, fixed my windshield wiper, helped rotate Ken’s tires, washed my car and Ken’s Mom’s Civic, and vacuumed out my car. I also helped a little bit to fix the windows and hinges on Ken’s back doors of his car. So it was a decently productive weekend.

We’re going camping this next weekend, and need someone to come with us.

I bought a purse. I feel very awkward carrying it, but I couldn’t carry the wallet, cell phone, and keys all at one time without it. Girl’s pockets are way too small and pants too tight to put a lot of stuff in them. At least it only cost seven bucks.

I unexpectedly became a Costco member last Friday night. Ken’s parents took him to get a Costco card and new clothing which he desperately needed, and we could both get cards on the same account for only 50 bucks, so they just added me. So now, as far as Costco is concerned, we both live at Ken’s house. Hmm…

We didn’t get to see much of Cool Desert nights, because we kept being busy doing things. That was ok though, we saw some cool cars on the one night that we were there.

We were supposed to go out to the country club for a nice dinner to celebrate my graduation, but their dining room was closed when we were planning on going. Instead, we all went out to a Thai restaurant across from Olive Garden. It was pretty tasty. The green curry was really good.


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