Entry for June 15, 2007

I gave up on making the literature models agree with each other, and just brutally forced my program to do what I want it to. Now it works.

Yesterday I finished putting my radio back together. I didn’t try it out, but I don’t think that there is any way in the world that it will work. Hence, I have scheduled time tomorrow to re-wire my car back to the original radio configuration. At least the colors of the wires will match so that I don’t have to figure out which wire is which!

Also tomorrow I’d like to take my car in to Tri City Battery. This means that I may not have it to install the radio, so not sure how that’s going to work. I’m also torn. Ideally I’ll get the car there just as they open, whenever that may be. However, I am completely exhausted and desire to sleep in till around 10. On the other hand again, I have a lot of stuff that needs to get done, and getting up early would be good for doing stuff. Sigh. I was right when I said that I can sleep when I get to Cleveland.

I picked blueberries last night, so I’m going to make Blueberry Buckle sometime. I think that Buckle is actually spelled differently, but that’s ok. It is one of the most amazing desserts that I have ever eaten.

Last night we had a wild party at Oliver’s house. We (my family) used their grill to cook hamburgers, ate a nice picnic meal including cherries, hung out in the hot tub, took pictures of us by their beautiful roses, and played with the crazy dog. They really have an amazingly beautiful yard. That house is gorgeous; it’s just teetering on the edge of being unlivable because it’s so cluttered and dirty.

Today is a good day for food. This morning, being Friday, there were doughnuts at work. I tried to get Dad to snag me a sprinkled one, because there’s only two, and they go fast, but they were gone by the time that he got there, so I had to settle with chocolate glazed, which is delicious as well. Whew. Long sentence. I brought cherries as a snack, and they were completely delicious. Ken is taking Lauren and me to Sub Factory for lunch, so I am looking forward to my six inches of delight there. I have gotten three different types of subs there and they all have been delicious. Tonight is the Salmon Bake for work, so we get salmon and my pick of ice cream bar from the ice cream truck! Dad threatened to give us hot dog tickets instead of salmon if we aren’t good. What a cruel and unusual father. Ginette and Bekah WANTED hot dogs. Crazy children. Dad and I are entered in the drawing for the prizes too, so maybe we’ll win something again! Last year we got 100 dollars at Safeway, which was fantastic. I don’t think that we want the grand prizes though. They’re nights at some hotel in Seattle and tickets to a baseball game and concert in Seattle at Quest Field. Which, I suppose would be fun, but probably wasted on any of us.

This was long and random. Megan hasn’t emailed me in days and days. I think that she might not love me any more.


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