Entry for June 13, 2007

I am confused by literature. People put too much hydrogen into steel. It can only fill up so much! If this is so difficult for steel and iron, which have been studied to death, how am I going to figure out anything for PZT?? GRRR.

I wonder if Dr. Findley’s ready to submit our paper yet. I wonder if he’s acquired a kid yet. I bet he has, and I bet that’s why I haven’t heard from him. They say that having a baby makes you busy. Hmph.

Bekah, Ginette, and Ken came to Olivers last night to sit in the hot tub. Joule was going crazy. She wanted us to throw sticks for her and play with her. After I took the girls home, we watched the last half of an old episode of House that was on TV. I like that show.

I think that Grandma and Grandpa leave tomorrow, at long last. Guess I should make sure to say goodbye to them tonight or tomorrow morning.

I made some progress last night on completely destroying the CD player from my car. After all I’ve done to it I highly doubt that it’ll work. However, I have the new part mostly in. I’m pretty sure with all the heat and bending I’ve created a short circuit somewhere, so it probably won’t work. I just have another 20 or so pins to attempt to solder into their holes with our too big soldering iron and solder. Oh well, it was fun to take it apart. If it doesn’t work, I’ll probably put the old radio back in. That’ll involve more soldering fun, which it would be good to do before it gets too hot. At least the wires to the car are big enough, so the soldering iron doesn’t totally dwarf them.

I need to copy down a bunch of recipes from our cookbooks. I had a list of them, but I think that I may have lost it. Blueberry buckle needs to be added to it, as do Grandma’s cream puff recipe. I think I’m going to type them up. If any of us ever wanted to do a huge favor to Mom, we could get some simple recipe software, and type them all up so it’s actually possible to find a particular one. Even just making a bunch of text documents would work. However, I’m sure there’s something a lot like EndNote that can catalog them that shouldn’t be too complicated.


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