Entry for June 11, 2007

I don’t think that anything especially exciting happened this weekend. It rained Saturday, so we didn’t really get anything of significance done on the boat.

I need like a week where I can not be distracted and just work on stuff that I want to get done! No family, no work, no hanging out with Ken, and no play practice, and I’ll just work on my car, my quilt, my bookshelf, and some organizational stuff that I need to do before I move away. That’s not going to happen. Guess I’ll just continue to slowly work on things.

One of the band parents from high school died of a heart attack sometime last week. He was off on a business trip in a hotel. Clearly nobody’s going to be around to help him then. That’s pretty scary. He was a nice guy. All Hanford Band alumni who knew him are invited to play at his memorial service today. I didn’t know him that well and I have to work, so I’m not going. Pretty strange to think that he’s dead though.

Our church is going to be out of money in a year or something. This has been fairly inevitable for like the past five or ten years. I don’t really see a way that it’s going to change unless somehow we magically add at least a third to our size in the next six months or something. I feel kinda bad for feeling like this, but I wouldn’t be too broken up about our church dissolving. I’ve always thought it was a tad bit silly that Grace and us are so separate. We’re almost identical churches, just in slightly different denominations and they started out bigger. There would be nothing wrong with having two similar churches in the Tri-Cities, but my humble opinion is that more cooperation between us would have been helpful. There’s probably stuff about the background between people that I don’t understand or something that keeps us separate. Who knows. Now the Sunnyside OCRC is joining the CREF and moving to the Tri-Cities, that’ll shake things up too I think. I would guess that if/when our church disappears, we’ll easily be absorbed into those two churches. Hoffmanns will go to the CREF, Timmermans will go to the new URC in Sunnyside, and everyone else’ll go to Grace. My cynical thinking says that all of us joining will make Grace too large, and they’ll want to start a church plant. This is good, but would have been no different from some of them joining our church or something. Very interesting. I shan’t be here, but I’m sure I’ll hear all about it.


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