Entry for June 07, 2007

I got the part I decided that I wanted in the play! Although I think that a few sisters of mine and possibily Sara are the only people who read this, I’ll not say who I am until I get the official email just in case I shatter someone’s hopes and dreams or something. I talked to Mom on the phone and she told me. I am a tad bit excited.

That’s about all. Work is busy, which is a good thing. I think we’re going to go on another camping trip in the last weekend of june, which is also good. I may take Ken out for his promised dinner tonight in gratitude for correcting my fellowship essays. We shall see. There’s supposedly a party going on at my house, but they’re floating down the river then having hamburgers. As I won’t be there to float, and I don’t really want hamburgers, I don’t particularly feel like going.

Oh yes, one final thing. I finally got a mouse at work. I was using my laptop pad thing, and it was a pain in the butt. I was rooting through the drawers in the lab, and I found a USB mouse not in use. So I’ll use it for the summer and put it back where I found it unless somebody makes noises about it being gone. I’m here all the time anyway, so if anyone’s looking for it, I’ll know. It’s one of those weird ones with a track ball under the thumb instead of a ball on the bottom, but it is a vast improvement over the laptop mousepad thing.


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