Entry for June 01, 2007

Conclusion: Merchant of Venice is the worst Shakespeare play I’ve ever read. Don’t let that stop you from going to the play though. I’m sure it will involve great hilarity. First of all, the plot is uninteresting and pointless. Everything happens because the characters are stupid, and there just isn’t much plot. Second, it’s not particularly funny. It has one disguise, but none of the crazy mix ups that you get in other Shakespeare plays, not that I tend to like them much either. Anyway, I am now wavering in my thoughts of trying out for a main character. We’ll see.

I got soft contacts yesterday! They’re amazing. I can’t even tell that they’re in. I don’t know why I was put through the torture of hard ones for all that time. I will hopefully get new glasses frames today. I’m pretty excited. I found some that I liked at Walmart while I was waiting around, but of course they were the most expensive ones that they had. I just liked the shape! Anyway, tonight we’re going to Costco to get me some and to get me a SIM card. After that, we’re going to Ginnette’s graduation, then I think I’m going to go grocery shopping and get packed for going camping. I should remember to freeze a water bottle for the long, hot drive tomorrow.

Oh, and yesterday Ken did get a lunch, so I ate an apple and a cookie and piece of bread from his house, so I was satisfied. Thank you for your concern. We also changed his oil in his car and made a huge mess of it. That was at night though, not at lunch time.

Today Ken took me out to the other (I guess it’s the only now) Thai buffet. It was pretty good. The food was tasty, but there wasn’t as large of a selection as the old place and they didn’t have black rice pudding.

Hmm… When I say worst Shakespeare play I’ve ever read, how many have I read? Much Ado About Nothing, Taming of the Shrew, Hamlet, Julius Caesar, and Merchant of Venice. I may have read Macbeth, but it was a long time ago if I did.


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