Entry for May 30, 2007

Work is making me feel dumb. I have no clue whatsoever how to model things. That’s not true. Give me simple equations and FFTs and things like signal processing, I’m ok. Give me dels and equations where the stupid paper just says C = C(x, t). Yes, well duh. I know that concentration is a function of distance and time. Wanna tell me HOW it depends on it? Gosh. When I finally find a paper that seems to model exactly what we want, it’s not the least bit useful, because it’s just a bunch of equations like that one up there. How can you just publish that one thing is somehow dependant on two variables and derive pages of equations from that? I think that I need my differential equations book to remember how this stuff goes. Also, I have a feeling that numerical methods would have been an insanely useful class for this. I’m going to have to ask Ken if he has class notes (unlikely!) from it. Maybe he can just help me with it. He might demand payment. Maybe I’ll make him some fudge. I’ve been desirous of making fudge.

I read through Sara Hilliard’s trip journal about going to the UK. Insane jealously. I want to travel! Hah. I guess I have been traveling, and it looks like plans are cemented for traveling again this weekend. Regardless of whether Ana can come, Ken, Lauren, and I, and any other one person who we can talk into going with us (so far we’ve been unsuccessful.) are going to brave the heat in Ken’s un-airconditioned BMW and head out to Mt. St. Helens for a long weekend. I’m pretty excited. Unfortunately, because of storms last winter and heavy snowfall, a lot of the normal places to see are closed. However, we can still get up to Spirit Lake and do the hiking on that road. I don’t think we’re going to drive around to the west side of the park where the big visitor center is. That’s a long way around. Additionally, La Wis Wis campground is closed because of flood damage, so I had to find us another one. I think I found a good one that is considerably closer to the park and has a stream and hiking and all sorts of interesting stuff at it. Anyway, we will fill most of the car with firewood, slip ourselves and our sleeping bags, tents, and food into the other corners of the car, and away we will go.

Ken had to work late last night, so instead of hanging out with him, I actually got some of the stuff on my long list done. I am even scheduled for an eye appointment tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll be able to get Mom to take me to Costco on Friday to acquire a SIM for my phone and pick out glasses frames. It will be highly exciting.


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