Entry for May 29, 2007

We had a good trip to the Oregon coast. It didn’t rain much at all, there was even enough UV penetrating the clouds or lack of clouds to sunburn me enough each day that I feel a tiny bit crunchy. We spent all sorts of time exploring beaches, getting stuck on rocks in the waves, trying valiantly to stay in the water long enough for our feet to go numb, playing in the fire, hiking, and, of course, eating. For future reference, Hud Point (I have no idea if that’s how it is spelled) is a great little beach, especially at low tide when you can go around the rocks to the right onto the other beaches where there are caves and waterfalls on the beach in addition to the always attractive ocean. Also, the Chinese place on the right as you’re heading from downtown Tillamook to the Tillamook cheese factory is AMAZING. We ordered six meals and a bowl of soup for all eight of us, and ended up completely stuffing ourselves, then having a full lunch out of the leftovers the next day. I’d say the cheese factory is overrated though. I mean, you can buy all the cheese and ice cream they make in grocery stores around here anyway… The cheese factory in Napa is much better. We did get some cheese curds which are hard to get anywhere else though. They’re delicious. Dad bought each of us an ice cream cone. This has never happened before, and it was glorious.

Anyway, it was a nice, relaxing weekend. I slept so much. We kept going to bed at like 10, then not getting up till 8 or 9. And Ginnette STILL wanted to go back to bed. Does she do anything besides sleep? Gosh. Ten or eleven hours should be far more than enough for anyone.

Facebook says that Megan and Randy got engaged yesterday. I have yet to hear this from Megan so it could still be a cruel joke… I hope not though! I wonder when they’re getting married? Haha. Hopefully it’s before the beginning of August when I have to go to Cleveland! Seems unlikely. I think that most people, especially Meganlike people, want a bit longer to plan the wedding. However, clearly my ability to attend is of utmost importance, and everything should be scheduled around me.

How come I always have so much stuff to do? I wrote a huge list this morning of things that I should have worked on last week. All it should take is a couple of hours to get working on them, but for some I need to talk to (or get Ken to talk to) various parental units, and they’re busy with one of the other 9 people who want their attention or they’re off gallivanting around Canada getting their running clothes stolen out of the back of their Honda Civic. I’m sure THAT’S going to be a good story to hear.

Working four ten hour days would be an amazing schedule I think. I’m attempting to do that this week, since I’m hourly and don’t get paid for the holiday. However, due to demands on my time such as eating and sleeping and socializing, I don’t think I’ll quite make it to 40 hours. I’m guessing around 38, which is ok with me. I have to do the same thing next week, if we actually do go camping as planned.


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