Entry for February 13, 2007

I promise I will get that justification thing written at some point, but I’ve been highly busy. This is not about to change. Here’s a little update on my plans for the next two and a half weeks as an explaination of why I may not be around too much.

Tomorrow: DSC, Tau Beta Pi, 414 exam, 414 project work, along with regular classes.
Thursday – ASM Education grant due, also Materials Bowl practice
Friday – 2 hours SEM time, finish 414 project, get all research in order, transport sister and friends about.
Saturday – Make TMS poster, pack, finish any homework due next week.
Sunday – Drive to Spokane, fly to Pittsburgh
Monday – Visit Carnegie Mellon
Tuesday – Take the Greyhound to State College, PA, visit with Penn State
Wed AM – visit Penn State
Wed PM – fly back to Spokane and drive home
Thurs – take at 1 <= X <=4 tests depending on what my professors say tomorrow, and get my poster printed
Fri – Drive to Spokane (again), fly to Orlando
Sat – Amuse myself in Orlando
Sun – Win Materials Bowl
Mon – Session monitor, do poster session, lose miserably
Tues- Session monitor
Wed – Session monitor
Thurs – Fly back to Spokane, drive back to Pullman
Fri – Take any remaining tests
Sat – decide on a graduate school, die.

So yeah. See you in the afterlife, I guess. Luckily, after that there’s only one week then spring break… Which I may or may not spend breaking. It’s a distinct possibility that I may end up in Pullman for at least the end of it to work on research.


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