Entry for February 03, 2007

“An experimental scientist without his notebook is off duty. Human membory is entirely too fallible to be trusted in such matters.”
I wish this hadn’t ever come back to bite me in the butt… My labnotebook skills are getting much better though. My thesis notebook is kind of a thing of beauty.

I’m getting better at COD. Slightly. Very slightly. I managed to kill Ken a few times. Heh heh heh.

I’ve gotten two offers from schools for fellowships for around 20,000 a year on top of tuition, which is nice. On Monday I hope to set up visits to at least CMU and Penn State – hopefully just one flight across the country…

My roommate has left for today and tomorrow. This is a good thing.

I got rejected by the Hertz foundation for a second interview. I’m going to say it, “I TOLD YOU SO MOM!”

Last night they had shrimp scampi at the dining center and it was highly tasty. Amazing.

I’ve spent 17 hours on thesis this week and like 2 hours working. Why am I not getting paid for thesis? I plan to spend another three or something today too. This deadine of having to have a poster made in about a week and a half is really weighing on me. I need RESULTS! Along these lines, anyone know anything about electropolishing? I may try it. It intruiges me, but I think it may be more trouble than it’s worth.

I am wearing shorts today, and it makes me happy. It’s not warm or anything, I just feel like wearing shorts. The world can view my lovely white legs and cringe. I don’t care.

The quote at the top is from An Introduction to Scientific Research by Wilson. It was published in 1952. I love the way it is written. I enjoy the language that is used and the stories that are told in it. Why aren’t people as articulate today? I mean, clearly I’M not articulate, but I’ve never claimed to be a good writer or speaker.

This makes me wonder when Mechanical Metallurgy by Deiter was written. Now I have to check. Ok, the first copywrite listed was 1961, so it’s a bit newer.

I feel like buying things. Luckily, I need eggs, sugar, and chocolate chips so that I can make cookies at some point. Maybe I should get some chicken too so I can try another thai recipie. (I am SO ready to have a kitchen. I shoulda moved in with Megan this semester. Moving wouldn’t have cost any more than I spent on my car. Blah) I also need some glue for my samples and a paint pen, which I think I’ll just purchase, because I could use some glue and a paint pen for other things, and it’ll be faster than trying to get them through the project. Now, the most efficient use of my time would be to go shopping with Lauren after church and before I meet up with Megan to do homework tomorrow. But I feel like going now!

Clearly I should either get down to the lab and get stuff done now or start homework. Or I could go get some lunch… So many possibilities.


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